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As a non-profit [US 501(c)(3) status], charitable & educational organisation IAHPEDS’ mission is to:

  • Advance international research, learning, practices and standards among researchers, practitioners and students related to the Alliance’s disciplines – to motivate individuals to adopt healthy, physically active lifestyles.
  • Advocate for quality global Health and Physical Education, Dance & Sport (IAHPEDS) in schools, higher learning institutions, systems and communities
  • Provide platforms for the sharing of information related to HPEDS.
  • IAHPEDS seeks collaborative partnerships with other international and national professional organizations to expand the reach of health, physical education, dance, and sport research and programming.

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Contribute towards quality global Health and Physical Education, Dance & Sport. Our membership costs are US$40 for professionals, $20 for students and $100 for institutions. (Membership benefits include attendance at annual North American Summits, International World Congresses, access to the Journal of IAHPEDS and opportunities to run for offices.)